Free Fall; A reflection By Chad Killinger

What is it about today? Are you able to jump feet first into this all perfect, yet rare opportunity, that only us lucky few get to experience? Is Life really so complicated or do we make it complicated? What if it’s just waking up next to the one you love and noticing the way their features soften in the morning light, or how gentle their chest raises and lowers with each dreaming breath?
What if it’s just laughing with your child and inviting yourself into their world of abstract love, unconditional smiles? Maybe it’s stepping outside and tasting the air of a new morning and looking up at a totally different sky than the day before. Could it be appreciating the familiarity of the neighbors barking dog? Is it the excitement of discovering something new? Maybe about ourselves or others…
Why do we let our minds trick us into fear? Will the teacher be afraid that their students think they’re frauds? Does the pastor fear his congregation finding him a hypocrite? The fast food employee feeling less important than the individual they’re serving “To Go” in the suit? Will people follow you when called to lead? The questions of rejection and the harshness of our own self judgment, “I can’t…”, “This is impossible for me…”, “I’m not deserving…”. Why do we do these things to ourselves?
What is it about you today?
Do you want to love? Do want to laugh, sing, cry? Do you want to build something great? Do you just want to exist? Did you get to say, “Good bye…”?
The end is so close and we make the experience of life so difficult sometimes.
Missed deadlines and missed opportunities. Missed connections and missed eye contact. Lost relatives and lost jobs. Trivial worries and insignificant agendas. Is it so complicated that we keep missing a bigger picture?
Are you going to hold a hand today? Are you really going to hold on to that apology? Can you step out of your comfort zone to be a blessing and hope for another? Can you let go of that which stops you from enjoying what you already have? When you lay your head down and close your eyes does it get louder? What really is the vice that holds you back?
When we are born, we are in a free fall. Some of us fall with grace and beauty and some of us fall with arms flailing and grasping for anything and everything we can hold. Fear is an anchor on our back and anger is a jet pack spiraling us down. The floor is coming faster than you think.
What is it about today? Is it the pleasant aroma of coffee? Is it getting to start over and creating again? Is it just staring and admiring the remarkable invention of love and free will? Are things so complicated?
Are your fears worth validating? Be vulnerable. Is this a sign? Be open to it. Is this the End? Perhaps it’s the beginning of something bigger than you or I.


Saturday Morning Cartoons

I have to believe growing up in the 80s allowed myself and others like me to be a part of something special Saturday mornings. It was a golden age of animation and sugar cereals. There was nothing like waking up as a child and eating your Fruit Loops or Sugar Smacks, and watching Saturday Morning Cartoons in your whitie tighties. It was an age before crappy anime series of characters always yelling to each other in normal conversation or some parent sensitive cartoon on being nice to everything and everyone.

Saturday Morning cartoons led to today’s prime time animations and movies. The Don Bluth films and Disney Films ruled children movie goings. Nothing was CGI. It was bliss and brainless. It drove imagination and parents with kids who had ADHD crazy.

I want to share that with my own children and anyone who has never experienced any of that. So I decided to start a weekly series called Killer’s Saturday Morning Cartoons. I will feature some episodes or series of the same cartoons I grew up with every Saturday, on this blog. I won’t try to bore you to much with background but I will give a bit of history on the show(s).

So now is the time to grab your favorite cereal and sit in your underwear and zone out. Welcome to Killer’s Saturday Morning Cartoons.

Today we will be watching 3 episodes. The first is Star Wars Droids episode 1. This series only ran for one season but lasted 13 episodes in 1985. Until 1986, when the episodes were rebroadcast alongside the animated Ewoks as the “Ewoks and Droids Adventure Hour”.

The next cartoon is Kidd Video. Its original run was on NBC from 1984 to 1985, but continued in reruns on the network until 1987, when CBS picked the show up. The band was created specifically for the show; they performed their own songs and they provided the voices for their cartoon counterparts.

Finally we finish today with Captain N The Game Master. Nintendo’s series in the height of the NES game system domination. Your favorite video game characters all together in Video Land. The series aired on television from 1989 to 1991 as part of the Saturday morning cartoon lineup on NBC.