Joe Flacco uses the word “Retarded”

flacco  Joe Flacco was quoted as saying Cold Weather Super Bowl is, Quote, “Retarded”. People are going to try to raise hell I’m sure over his use of the word. I feel he used the word in the right context of his opinion. He wasn’t calling anyone “Retarded”, he was referring to the idea as “Retarded”. Unfortunately for him he apologized in the same sentence for using the word knowing people will jump all over it. Let’s look at the definition.

1. To keep delaying; to continue to hinder; to prevent from progress; to render more slow in progress; to impede; to hinder; as, to retard the march of an army; to retard the motion of a ship; – opposed to accelerate.

n. 1. Retardation; delay.

I don’t agree that the idea of a Super Bowl in a cold weather city is “Retarded”. You make millions of dollars playing a game. Plenty of people in this world work in harsher conditions for much less pay. Nobody likes to hear someone making millions of dollars bitching about playing 90 minutes in the cold. Joe Flacco, your thought process is “Retarded”.

I digress.

When used in the right context the word “Retarded” can acceptable. It is part of the English language that unfortunately others have turned into unacceptable and hurtful terms. Only now to use the word in ANY context will call to the attention of the Politically Correct or easily sensitive. I say, Shut up. I have heard those same individuals use words more offensive such as “Fag, Whore, Bitch, Cunt, Fucker,…”. You name it. As for Flacco, well I don’t think in any way was he referring to the taboo mental retardation. Feel free to discuss.


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